Victorine L’audacieuse Luberon Rosé

This Rosé wine has a pleasing light-pink color with a hint of silver.

When you smell it, you’ll notice a mix of light fruity scents like white fruits, citrus, and a touch of red berries.

Tasting it, you’ll find it’s crisp and full-flavored, with a taste that’s a mix of lemon, tropical fruits, and peach. It leaves a refreshing citrus aftertaste that lingers.

This Rosé is perfect for starting a meal or pairing with simple, summery dishes like melon salad, proscuitto with mozzarella, lemon and olive chicken, or grilled fish.

About where it’s from: The Luberon vineyard in the Rhône Valley is one of the southernmost in the region. The grapes have been grown here since ancient times, in a protected natural park recognized by UNESCO. It’s slightly elevated and has a day-to-night temperature range, all while enjoying a gentle Mediterranean climate.

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