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The Veneto is Italy’s largest wine producing region and boasts 17 DOC areas, the better known being the classic areas of Valpolicella, Soave and Bardolino.

While offering these traditional wines, the Veneto also demonstrates its ability to innovate as can be seen with the more recent fame of the Amarone and lately the Ripasso wines. At the other end of the organoleptic spectrum, Prosecco is also of recent recognition and is rapidly sweeping the world markets.

Bolla mainly uses the autochtonous Veneto varietals such as Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella for the reds and Garganega for the whites. In addition to the usual varietals of the Veneto, Bolla’winemakers like to make use of forgotten low yielding, traditional grapes such as Negrara, Oseletta, Dindarella and Forsellina. These are used in small proportion because they are not widely available.

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How did it all start?

Like all great legacies, the story of Bolla wines begins simply with one man, Abele Bolla, who lived in the Venetoregion where he ran a small inn.

Wishing to offer his guests a superior experience, Abele made a decision that would launch his family’s business into the international spotlight. He decided to make and serve his own wine, a Soave.

The year was 1883. The Soave which Abele made was immediately recognized as being true to the land – a wine that truly captured the essence of the Veneto region. Requests for Abele’s wine grew as more and more friends, family and guests tasted his handiwork. Seventy years later, Bolla were first to label and market an Amarone in Italy.

Today all award winning Bolla wines are hand harvested and created in Italy.

The distinct flavours of the grapes can be attributed to the unique climate, soil and temperature of the region in which they are grown.

Christian Scrinzi
is the winemaker at Bolla.

Scrinzi has been a winemaker since 1989 and has had most of his training in the New World (Chile, New Zealand).

His own personal challenge is to understand what the Old World must do to achieve leadership in wine production in front of the New World’s progress but without imitating New World wines. He likes to produce wines with a clean well defined palate keeping the oenologist’s intervention to the minimum.

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Our Winemakers - Bolla

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