The Rise of Rose Wine

Think Pink!

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Dispell your pre-conceptions

Time to think Pink!

Led by the French

The French producers have been powerful in propelling innovation and growth, with rosé wine now outselling white wine in France. But here at the Wine Company NI we don’t believe this is just a trend but rather rosé wines are here to stay.

Gilles Crozet, The Wine Company NI’s resident wine expert comments, “The best rosé wine in the world is considered to come from Provence in France, and tends to be bone dry, with savoury flavours like cherry, musk or spice. Other popular rosé, from the rest of the world, is traditionally more berry flavoured with strawberry and raspberry aromas.”

When thinking of Provence – sunshine, holidays and rosé wine comes to mind. The oldest vineyard in France is located here – it is 29,760 hectares and produces 1.3 millions hectolitres, 75 % of which is rosé which is a speciality of the region.

Isn’t Rose Pink Plonk?

Brightly coloured & too sweet?

Previously rosé wines had been considered excessively sweet bright coloured pink plonk. However, this is no longer the case. The world of rosé is vast, with varieties that range from dry to sweet and tones from pale pink to deep pink. By order of consumer preference there are 6 main colour references: Peach, Mango, Pomelo, Mandarin and Redcurrant.

Gilles continues. “Rosé has seen a revival due to better-quality production and improved wine education. It’s a delicious alternative to whites and reds, and as there are so many styles and varieties, it’s an all-rounder and can be enjoyed with fish, seafood, pasta dishes, goat’s cheese, meat dishes and salads. In France its traditionally enjoyed throughout a whole meal.”

Sales of rosé wine have tended to accelerate as the weather gets warmer and we move into spring/summer. However, more recently we’ve started to see an increased demand for rosé all year round.

How to drink rose?

Best served in a medium sized glass.

Like white wine, rosé is best served in a medium-sized glass so that the fresh and fruity characteristics gather towards the top.

Trest Rose wine as you would a white wine, chilled. 

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