Alturis, North East Italy.

“Alturis”, in the local Friulan language, translates as “a plot of land overlooking the surrounding countryside”.

 To Marco and Massimo Zorzettig, the third generation of a family of wine growers, it proved the perfect name to give to this estate.

The Alturis estate is located in the North-east of Italy, above Venice and close to the borders of Austria and Slovenia.

Here, near the town of Cividale del Friuli, the microclimate is unique. 

The Julian Alps protect the area from cold northern winds, while gentle breezes blowing up from the Adriatic sea are mild and beneficial to the vineyards, creating ideal conditions for producing great wines.

Marco and Massimo Zorzettig

Winemaker Alturis Italy

Wine Heritage

Three Generations

Pictured here is Pietro Zorzettig in 1949 with his son Livio, the father of the Altùris founders, Marco and Massimo.

The Third Generation

Marco and Massimo Zorzettig are preserving their family legacy.

Hillside Vineyards

Love of the Earth begins in the Heart.

The vineyards stretch over a complex mix of flat and hilly land and the wine cellar is located in the foothills close to Cividale del Friuli, the ancient Roman Forum Julii.

White wines dominate the production, comprising 70% of the total output, reflecting the history and tradition of the region of Friuli, a land particularly renowned for producing great white wines from international and local grape varieties.

Winemaker Alturis Italy

Discover Alturis Wines

Love of the Earth begins in the Heart.

The Alturis Prosecco is one of our most popular wines. 

It is intensely scented with pear, golden apple and pink grapefruit. This is a dry, elegant Prosecco and subtle on the palate with delicious fruit sensations. It is a fine perlage, creamy, lively and fresh. A High quality wine.

Our Wine Makers

Delve into the rich history of our esteemed wine makers