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Wine Guide by Grape


It is said that this grape was imported into France by the Crusaders and then cultivated in Burgundy by the Benedictine Monks. Chardonnay produces very different styles of wine according to its area of production and vinification technique used. The wines are almost entirely dry with a full body and hints of apple and melon when made in a cool climate and more tropical fruit in a warmer climate. Today Chardonnay is planted in most wine producing countries. Superb examples can be found in Burgundy, California, Australia and Chile, and its also a vital component in Champagne and most other sparkling wines.

Sauvignon Blanc

A very popular grape that is usually light and crisp. It is very aromatic, herbal, vegetal, flinty with hints of passion fruit and kiwi in New World varieties and mineral notes in European examples. The landmark regions are Marlborough in New Zealand and Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé in the Loire Valley. It is also known as Fumé Blanc in California where it is often oaked.

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