Gouguenheim Gran Reserve Blue Melrosa

Seventy kilometers from the city of Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes Mountains lies one of the best kept secrets in the Uco Valley; the Gouguenheim Winery. Patricio Gouguenheim was born in Argentina to French parents and he founded a very old winery located in the Uco Valley, with a lot of small tanks ideal for the production of high quality wines. The Uco Valley is one of the best places for growing grapes because here on the slopes of the Andes at altitudes of around 1200 metres above sea level the days are clear, warm and sunny, but at night temperatures drop like a stone. This is perfect for the grapes, as it allows plenty of ripening during the day, but at night giving the vines time to rest so that the grapes retain their fresh, lively flavours. The winery has now become one of the best performing, top quality wineries in Argentina, with a range of wines that capture the spirit and taste of Argentina and its wonderful grapes. These are wines that will delight your palate now or in two, three or even five years’ time.

This particular wine is rich and dark, with red and black fruit character on the nose and palate, a delicious creamy vanilla spice character and a lovely lifted finish. It is very well balanced with good length.


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