Domaine Frey

Posted 1 year ago by Andrea

Charles and Dominique Frey own 13 hectares of vineyards in the Alsace region of France, in 3 village areas (Dambach la Ville, Sherwiller and Chatenois). Their ancestors came from Switzerland and settled in Dambach la Ville in the 17th century, practicing polyculture, like many Alsatian families of that era.  Dambach la Ville is a beautiful, medieval village with 2000 inhabitants, located at the foothills of the Vosges Mountains and the vineyards are protected from the rain coming from the west. Nathalie and Dominique Frey run the estate today, expanding business by commencing export to Europe, Japan, Canada and USA.

In 1997, they decided to switch to organic wine growing, under Ecocert control. Since 2001 they  have practiced biodynamic agriculture, striving to convey energy and life to the wine, so that it is as flavoursome and lively as possible. Biodynamic agriculture is first and foremost concerned with taking care of the soil. It is all about creating a special harmony between the soil, the plant and the environment. The soil receives thorough care in order to improve the leaf development, enhance plant roots and improving the quality of the soil by increasing the variety of bacterias.

Each vine is treated with herbal preparations (nettles, equisetum and willows). Compost and soil constituents are extremely important and grapes are gathered manually. The fruit is poured into the press without crushing or destemming to prevent any damage. The pressurage is gentle and slow and after the fermentation process, the wine is kept on its natural lees (sediment) until the spring.