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Bigi Winery was founded by Luigi Bigi in 1880 in Umbria, central Italy. This region, known as “The Green Heart of Italy”,  is located at the crossroads of North and South, between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian seas. Here, the vine has been cultivated since the Estruscan era.

Bigi is one of the leading wineries of the region and one of the most prestigious producers of the Orvieto classic white wine.  Orvieto is also a beautiful walled town built by the Etruscans on a foundation of limestone, locally known as “tufo“, which is the same soil as the “tuffeau“ found in the Touraine and Saumur regions of the Loire valley, France. This special soil is particularly suited to the production of quality white wines. Bigi’s modern cellars have been located in Ponte Giulio since the 1970s and it manages some 200 hectares of vineyards in the “classico” top zone of the Orvieto DOC. By far the most important production of wine in Umbria, Orvieto represents 80% of the total produce. Bigi also makes some very delicious red wines.

The winemaker at Bigi is Francesco Bardi, who originates from Salento in Pulia. He studied enology in Conegliano, Venice and is reputed as one of the most innovative winemakers in Umbria. Trebbiano Toscano, known locally as “Procanico”, is the major grape variety used for Orvieto.  Other grapes used in the blend include Verdello, Malvasia Toscana, Grechetto and Drupeggio.

Bigi’s Orvieto Secco “ Torricella “ is one of the best of the appellation!