White Wines to
make you smile

Six white wines chosen by Maria

Our blog entries are musings from our small team. This week Maria selects six white wines that will make you smile.

6 White Wines

to make you smile.

Straight from the Vineyard.

The Wine Company work with wine growers from all over the world. We select the very best wines direct from the vineyard.

Our passion is to bring bespoke wines to your dinner table. Our process is simple, meet the grower, taste the wine and only the very best are selected for you to choose from.

New Arrivals

The newest arrivals to our cellar are displayed below:

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The highlight of our trade show calendar year is Prowein in Düsseldorf; the world’s titanic of wine shows, the scale of which is incomprehensible. Needless to say comfortable shoes are a must. It’s our annual pilgrimage to taste wines from 61 different countries and from over 6,800 exhibitors.

Know your Fizz

Sparkling wines often signify a celebration, and so now is the perfect time to decide on what ‘Fizz’ to have to celebrate Valentines Day.

Sticky Beef Short Ribs with Perelada 3 Fincas

Autumn Comfort Food & Wine Combination. Recipe and wine combination by Larry Creaney, Founder of the Wine Company, established 1995.

6 White Wines That Will Make Her Smile

This week Maria selects six white wines that will make you smile. These are all independent wines we import from winemakers all over the world. Check out Maria’s personal selection.