Castillo Perelada

Perelada winery

Castillo Perelada was built in the 14th century in beautiful village of Perelada, right at the French border, north of Barcelona, where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean sea.  In this privileged area, there has always been a great emphasis on culture, art and wine making since the Greek empire.

Carmelite monks have been producing wine in the castle since the 1300s and today, the building is classified as a "historical monument"  and is part of the National Museum Association of Spain.

Castillo Perelada is recognised as a prestigious winery producing some of the best wines and cavas in Spain which embody a heritage of more than six centuries. Perelada is an attractive village with many facets. As well as the beauty of the medieval castle, it also hosts an international music festival every summer and just outside the village there is the Perelada Golf Club and hotel, with a unique "wine Spa".

Castillo Perelada has become one of the leading wine producers in the country and has led the Emporda, the oldest wine producing region in Spain, in its spectacular revival.

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