Domaines Paul Mas Winery


Paul Mas wines are the exquisite result of a perfectly balanced symbiosis between terroirs rich in quality fruit, passion and respect for the grapes during vinification and the talent and dedication of the winemakers. 

These qualities make up the true essence of the inimitable Paul Mas style.  The desire to capture true character and authenticity is the driving force behind everything they do.

Today, the use of modern techniques combined with respect for tradition, allows Paul Mas to preserve the environment and respect its rural roots.

The term "Luxe Rural" (Everyday Luxury) is the philosophy which underpins the principle of Paul Mas.  They aim for perfection and their wines inspire real emotion.

Domaine Paul Mas wines are enjoyed in more than 45 different countries and their excellence in the craft of winemaking has been internationally recognised, receiving over 350 medals globally, in the past five years.

In particular they have received the following noteworthy accolades: Concours General Agricole (Paris), Concours de Grand Vins du Languedoc Roussillon, Mondial du Rose (Cannes), Chardonnay du Monde (Burgundy) and Decanter Wine Awards, IWSC, IWC, Top100 IGP (London)

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The Vineyards

Jean-Claude Mas’ great-grandfather, Auguste Mas, bought the first family vineyard in 1892, when he acquired 9 hectares of vines in the Mas de Biq, near the village of St Pons de Mauschiens (close to Montagnac).

Nowadays, Domaines Paul Mas is made up of 320 hectares of owned vineyards and an additional 800 hectares of contracted vineyards in the Languedoc region. 

They work with more than thirty different grape varieties, both native and noble and a fantastic diversity of terroirs, in the Languedoc region.


We are proud to offer wines from the following vineyards:


Chateau Paul Mas

Chateau Paul Mas comprises two estates: The Castle, a 25 hectare vineyard in Conas and a 40 hectare vineyard in Moulinas, and an 80 hectare vineyard in Nicole, near Montagnac. 

Languedoc Crus and Grand Vins make up this range which is complimented by varietal wines with distinctive character, including the cuvees Chateau Paul Mas, Vignes de Nicole, Paul Mas Estate and Paul Mas.

Each label of the Chateau Paul Mas bears the emblem of the Legend of Vinus, which originated on the Herault river banks at the foot of Chateau Paul Mas in Pezenas.


Chateau Martinolles

There is a narrow road which winds along the Martinolle River and through garrigue, vineyards and olive trees which brings you to Chateau Martinolles. This modest estate sits in a region rich in heritage. Indeed, in 1531, the nearby St Hilaire Abbey was where the sparkling wine method

was actually discovered and the first bubble, Prima Perla, was born.

The rugged topography and climate forge terroirs of rich character producing fine chardonnay, mauzac and pinot noir grapes. The cuvees, namely Prima Perla, Chateau and Domaine de Martinolles, are true to their heritage and faithful to the landscape and origins.


Arrogant Frog

Chateau Arrogant Frog comprises 20 hectares in the Limoux Cru region and within just a few short years, Arrogant Frog has established itself as the unofficial mascot of the Paul Mas Estates.

Arrogant Frog cleverly demonstrates that with creativity, experience, dedication and a sense of humour one can produce a quality wine at a very reasonable price.

The Arrogant Frog cuvees are Chateau Arrogant Frog, Arrogant Frog Reserve as well as single and varietal blends.


La Forge Estate

La Forge Estate wines symbolise the perfect fusion of the old and new worlds of winemaking.

Carefully selected grapes from their best contracted vineyards produce an expressive, round and aromatic style, brightened up by a subtle dose of oak barrel aging. 

This range has most classical grape varieties such as chardonnay and merlot as well as more autochthonous examples such as carignan, morvedre, marsanne and viognier.


Mas de Mas

Mas de Mas is an invitation to journey into the heart of the main crus and appellation of the Languedoc region.

These wines are a fusion between traditional practices of winemaking and the modern approach to wine adopted by Jean Claude Mas and his partner vintners.


Cote Mas

Chateau Paul Mas' restaurant and wine space Cote de Mas is a haven for food and wine lovers alike.

It is a delightful place surrounded by vines and olive trees where nature, design and craftsmanship combine to produce exquisite table wines.