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SANGIOVESE: The Sangiovese grape is the backbone of all Chianti wines and produces light coloured, medium bodied wines with fruity character, high acidity and tannins. It is possibly Italy’s greatest grape and is to be found in many different regions such as Marche, Umbria, Romagna and the South, however Tuscany remains the prime producer. Brunello, Morellino, Prugnolo are other names of Sangiovese. Flavours will be of blackcurrant and spice with aged wines showing notes of earthiness and mushroom.

CANNAIOLO: Often blended with Sangiovese, it makes coloured wines with a slight bitterness and notes of strawberry. 


Steeped in the hills of Tuscany, lies Melini, an impressive winery second to none in the art of making the area's most famous wine: Chianti Classico. Melini was founded in 1705 and established itself as an international winery in 1860 when Laborel Melini collaborated in developing a straw covered flask (fiasco), which made it possible for the wine to travel, therefore launching Melini in foreign markets.

Maintaining its penchant for remaining at the forefront of modern winemaking, Melini rebuilt its cellar in the early 1970s. The cellar was nestled into the side of a hill, constructed on four levels in order to achieve the progressive phases of vinification through gravity rather than pumping. Also at this time, as a recognition of the immeasurable worth of the terroir, Melini launched its Chianti Classico Riserva "La Selvanella" as the first single vineyard designated Chianti in the area.

Covering one of the highest cultivated hills in Radda, Chianti,  La Selvanella vineyard lies at an altitude of 1,500 feet, where it benefits from long sunlit days coupled with cool nights. This allows the complex and capricious Sangiovese Grosso grape to develop to its full potential.


Marco Galeazzo, winery manager at Melini.

Website: www.cantinemelini.it

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